Maintenance hydraulic system

Gouwen Repair provides maintenance on all kinds of hydraulic pumps and engines.

It is very important to keep your hydraulic systems clean to keep them running good. The combination of high pressure, a small reservoir and a small control system require a clean environment. Pollution is a high risk which may lead to unexpected stand.
Regular changing the filters is an important part of your maintenance program of your hydraulic system. Gouwens Repair is able to help you out when it comes to changing your filters and providing new ones.

Oil analyses/ counting parts

Oil needs to be in good condition and therefore we recommend regular checks of your hydraulic system. The inspection of the oil needs to occur at least ones per year, but we recommend to analyze the oil every quarter of the year. If you are having doubts about the quality of the oil, then we are able to perform a particles count or complete oil analyze.

Visual inspection

Regular check the color and composition of your oil, It is possible to check it with the naked eye if the oil is in good condition or if it needs to examined. Also check the critical parts of the system like the filters, pipng and valves. Regular inspections of possible leaks can also prevent serious problems. Rising oil consumption can be an indication of a leak in the hydraulic system. Be alert, it will benefit you allot.

Gouwens Repair is able to these checks for you on regular base, in order for you to focus on your business.